About Us


The vision of the WRC is to achieve “sustainable water management by all for all



The mission of WRC is ‘to regulate and manage the sustainable utilization of water resources and to coordinate related policies by combining our core competencies and hard work through effective participation, monitoring and awareness creation for socio-economic development of Ghana’



  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Hardworking
  • Punctuality
  • Transparency
  • Being Responsible
  • Respect for others



The mandate of the Water Resources Commission is specifically to:

  • Regulate and manage the utilization of water resources, and
  • Co-ordinate relevant government policies in relation to them.



The Water Resources Commission (WRC) was established by an Act of Parliament (Act 522 of 1996) as the overall body responsible for water resources management in Ghana.         WRC Act 522 of 1996 provides a comprehensive law to establish a separate water resources management institution in Ghana.

Water resources are now vested in the President for and on behalf of the people of Ghana-Article 12. There is no private ownership of water resources in Ghana Water resources management is consistent with general natural resources management in Ghana and the 1992 Constitution (articles 268 and 269). The Act prohibits the use of water resources without prior authorization and grant of water use rights from the WRC.


  • Propose integrated water resources management plans to guide the utilization, conservation, development and improvement of water resources;
  • Initiate, control and co-ordinate activities connected with the development and utilization of water resources;
  • Grant water rights;
  • Collect, collate, store and disseminate data or information on water resources;
  • Engage water sector agencies to undertake scientific investigations, experiments or research into water resources;
  • Monitor and evaluate programmes for the operation and maintenance of water resources;
  • Advise the Government on any matter likely to have adverse effect on the water resources: 
  • Advise pollution control agencies in Ghana on matters concerning the management and control of pollution of water resources; and
  • Perform such other functions as are incidental to the foregoing.



The WRC is made up of 15 members including the Chairman, the Executive Secretary, a Chief and two other persons, one of whom shall be a woman. The rest are representatives of the following institutions:

  • Ghana Water Company Limited;
  • Organisations producing potable water;
  • Hydrological Services Department;
  • Volta River Authority;
  • Irrigation Development Authority;
  • Water Research Institute;
  • Ghana Meteorological Agency;
  • Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Forestry Commission; and
  • Minerals Commission